My Micro Focus

Mi Micro Focus

Mein Micro Focus

मेरा Micro Focus

My Micro Focus

我的 Micro Focus

Мой Micro Focus

Mio Micro Focus

My Micro Focus

Meu Micro Focus

ぼくの Micro Focus

My Micro Focus

One dashboard for all your resources

  Provides access to Communities, Marketplace, and other Micro Focus portals

  Add your products and browse documentation to personalize your experience

  Configure your dashboard with articles, apps, upcoming events, and more


Everything you need in one place

Whether you’re looking for documentation for your products, your latest app updates, or wondering about the next online event, start here.

  • Marketplace

    Explore apps, add-ons, and more to expand the functionality of your Micro Focus software products.

  • Community

    Tap into the vast knowledge pool of the the Micro Focus community.

  • Industry/Thought Leadership

    Get up to speed on the latest tech trends, whitepapers and thought leadership content.

  • News & Events

    See when Micro Focus world-class events are happening near you and online virtually. Read news and blog articles, press releases and more.

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